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London College of Fashion Animations

Client: London College of Fashion Business School
Production company: Alphabetical | Territory Studio

I created the sound design for this series of animations for the LCF's Fashion Business School. The animations were projected as part of an event to promote the school produce by design studio, Alphabetical. They created a visual identity based on pattern cutting designs used by seamstresses and designers. These icons were brought to life in a series of organic particle based animations created by Territory Studio.

Conceptualy, I wanted to reference the processes of fashion design with the audio, as well as illustrating the organic movements of the particles. I constructed the sounds from samples of a seamstress's studio - sewing machines, scissors cutting fabric and coat hangers on rails. I then processed these sounds with a granular sampler to create the multiple small sounds to follow the sea of particles. These were then micro edited to match the various movements and this was complimented with a subtle musical bed. 

There is nice write up on the project on creative review.

Creative Direction: Andrew Popplestone
Producer: Alice Ceresole
Icon Design: Alphabetical
Animation: Nick Lyons
Sound Design: Tim Cowie