I am an audio visual artist based in Bournemouth, UK. I specialise in creating audio and visual content for experiential installations and live performances alongside more traditional screen based mediums. 

I am a long-time collaborator with the Light Surgeons and continue to develop new work with them. I feel very lucky to have worked on such a fantastic variety of projects with them which you can see at lightsurgeons.com.

This website focuses on my sound design and music composition work. I have a substantial collection of electronic audio hardware and take pride in sculpting each sound so it is unique and original. I have also worked with other musicians in various collaborations, and I'm comfortable scoring music for more traditional instruments.

I can create sound design and music for stereo, binaural, surround as well as bespoke multi-channel installations and 360 videos.

Coming from a design background, I like to approach every project with a strong concept so that the final outcome is driven by a core set of ideas.

You can see a more in depth online cv over at my LinkedIn page here - www.linkedin.com/in/tim-cowie