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Big Bang AR

Big Bang in AR

Client: Google Arts and Culture | Cern
Production company: Nexus Studios

I created the sound design and music for this augmented reality experience about the Big Bang and the birth of the universe. Working through Nexus studios, we worked with with Google Arts and Culture and CERN to produce a mixed reality journey through the birth and evolution of the universe, as told by Tilda Swinton.

The sound design needed to bring to life as series of micro particle animations as well as the vastness of space. Based on a series of consultations with Cern’s physicists, I worked to conceptually match the physics and science behind the animations.

The music was designed to subtlety compliment the narrative of the voice over and bring a sense of wonder. In a few key places it comes to the fore to deliver some of the more epic moments.

Launched as part of Google Arts & Culture’s ‘Once Upon A Try‘ you can download the Big Bang AR app from App Store and Google Play and experience it in 4 languages.