This is Ella


Client: The Future Laboratory 
Production company: Labmeta

I was invited to create the sound design for this series of audiovisual films exploring the different research processes and practices at The Future Laboratory, a future trends forecasting company based in London.

I created a layer of sound design to illustrate and match the animations putting each chapter into a different sonic space, and to compose an underlying bed of music that linked each section together. The brief was to create something slightly unsettling and challenging that resolved itself at the end of each chapter, reflecting the difficult journey many of their clients undertake.

Developed to be used as part of the brands website re-launch in 2017, the films explore the topics of strategic research, ethnography, multiple states, communications mapping, synchronicity and the curation of knowledge.

this is Ella

Client: Every Breath Matters
Studio: Beyond Words Studio

This powerful campaign video is an urgent and emotive wake-up call to the world about the deadly cost of air pollution. Launched on World Environment Day 2019, the video tells the tragic story of 9-year-old Ella Kissi-Debrah, whose death has become a legal and symbolic focus in the fight for clean air.

I was asked to compose a piece of music which elevated to the human emotion of the piece. I felt the music should be clean and minimal choosing to work with the simplicity of piano, violin and viola. This was then supported with subtle layers of discordant strings and textures, adding a sense of unease.

This was then supported with a layer of sound design, following the animation. This features the sounds of a child inhaling and exhaling, traffic, a bleeping heart monitor, then silence and really helps convey the tragedy and human loss in the data and statistics.